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Teaching Professor Dan Garcia


I’m just so delighted to be teaching the course again! I co-invented BJC in 2008 with my good friend and colleague Brian Harvey, and absolutely love teaching it. I’m passionate about bringing engaging and powerful CS “big ideas” to students who normally wouldn’t be exposed to it. I am humbled by all the national attention BJC has received (see the “in the News” part of my website) and hope you find this class beautiful and joyful! When I’m not working, you can find me traveling, playing golf or board games (e.g., Monopoly Deal), or binging shows (anything Pixar or Marvel) with my family. p.s. My wife and I both went to Cal for grad school… Go Bears!

Head Teaching Assistants

Imen Guechtouli


Hey hey hey!!! It’s going to be a blast getting to know you all! (‘:

I’m in my second year studying EECS & (just started pursuing) Cognitive Science, and this will be my third time on staff! My technical interests lie in integrations of human cognitive development research in robotics and machine learning, and I’m growing to love the theory and mathematics behind quantitative big data processes. I came to Cal with no programming experience, and since my first semester here, CS 10 continues to be the community that keeps me going. You can catch me playing volleyball or getting lost in town during my free time (I have no sense of direction!)

Vedansh Malhotra


Hey there! :) I’m a junior studying CS, Cognitive Science, and Data Science. This is my sixth time on course staff at Cal, fourth time teaching and third time as Head-TA for CS-10.

As someone who started out with little programming experience, I believe that CS at Berkeley can be a challenging, yet immensely rewarding experience. My primary goal this semester is to help students discover and come to appreciate the remarkable beauty of problem solving- for which, Computer Science is an indispensable tool!

PS: Here’s how my name is pronounced: veið’ãnʃ

Teaching Assistants

Annie Miller


Hi everyone!I am a fourth year studying environmental sciences and data science. I took CS10 my second semester at Cal and have been with CS10 ever since, as an AI and now a TA for my fifth semester. I love taking long walks, reading, listening to music and podcasts, and baking. I am super excited to be with CS10 this semester and hope you love it as much as I do!

Benjamin Pierias


Hello! My name is Ben and I’m a Senior majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in CS! I took CS10 my first semester at Cal (it was actually the class I was most looking forward to) and was blown away with how amazing computer science is. Besides school, I love the outdoors, exercising, learning about the brain, cybersecurity and all things cinema! I can’t wait to show you the joys of computing!

Jalen Gooch


Hello! My name is Jalen and I am Third Year double majoring in Cognitive Science and Psychology with minors in Data Science and Journalism! I took CS10 the Spring of my Freshman year, loved it, and have been a part of the course ever since! Outside of academics I look cooking, making oddly specific music playlists, and keeping my 3 month old kitten from tearing up my apartment. I am excited to meet and work with you all this semester!


Dorottya Urmossy


Hi! I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science and Mathematics. I took CS 10 in Fall’21 and was an AI in Spring’21. This is my second time being a reader so I’m very excited! CS 10 was one of my favorite courses, so I hope everyone will have fun while taking it! In my free time I like reading (especially fantasy), sewing and traveling :)

Eric Min Young Park


Hiiii! I’m Eric, and I’m a sophomore studying EECS. I took CS10 my first semester at Cal and had been an AI in my second, and I had a chance to be a reader over the summer. I enjoy reading, writing stories, finding new music, walking, and playing games. Hope you guys have a great time this spring!

Mehul Gandhi


Hey everyone! I’m a junior studying Computer Science, and this is my fourth semester working on staff for CS10. I took CS10 during my spring semester of Freshman year and I love the creative and critical thinking aspects that CS provides, so I decided to change my major to CS! This semester, I’m looking into learning fullstack development through personal projects! During my free time, I like to watch anime and k-drama, try out new restaurants, and host social events for clubs! I’m super excited to work with all of you this semester :)

Victoria Phelps


Hello Everyone! I’m a sophomore studying CS and this is my third year working with CS10. Currently, I work as an intern at a software company, SAP. I’m also apart of Dan Garcia’s research group, Gamescrafters. When I first took the course, I had no programming experience. I fell in love with it and became a BJC and Snap! evangelist. As a non-traditional student coming back to school at the age of 23, I believe anyone can learn CS, and CS is a field for everyone - no matter your age, skill level, or past performance.