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Lab Check-Offs

On this page, you will find a list of check-off questions for each lab.

Lab 1
Welcome to Snap!

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  • No checkoff needed for Lab 1!

Lab 2
Build Your Own Blocks

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  • Show your Field of Flowers.

  • Show your random-walk sprite.

  • Show your draw square-leaved flower...` block.

  • Why should you Build Your Own Blocks? Give a reason that someone may create a custom block.

  • What are some different ways to achieve repetition? Name at least 2.

Lab 3
Conditionals, Reporters & Abstraction

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  • What is a Boolean? Explain why we use them, and give examples of functions that report a Boolean value.

  • What does the mystery reporter (at the bottom of the “Reporter Blocks” page) report when run with the inputs hello and 5?

  • Name a few of the input types. Why is it important that we specify input types?

  • Explain the difference between a command and a reporter block.

  • How are global variables different from script variables?

  • Show us your traffic signal and letter grade blocks.

  • Show us the is _ between _ and _ ? block.

  • Show and explain your sum of two smallest block.

Lab 4
Lists and HOFs

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  • What is a list? Why would we use a list of 10 elements instead of just making 10 variables?

  • What do map, keep, and combine each do?

  • What is the difference between the for each (item) loop and the for (i) loop we have used in previous labs?

  • Show us your acronym block.

  • Show us your expand block.

Lab 5

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  • What is an algorithm? Please give an example both in real life and from class.

  • Are algorithms which are (on average) faster always “better”? Why or why not?

  • What might some “trade-offs” to different computer science algorithms be?

  • How can abstraction and algorithms relate in computer science?

  • Please show both your findNumberInUnsortedList and findNumberInSortedList functions and describe the difference in the algorithms used.