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CS 10: The Beauty and Joy of Computing

UC Berkeley, Summer 2021

A gentle but thorough introduction to computer science.

Instructors: Murtaza Ali, Kathleen Gao

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Week 4 Announcement

Jul 12 · 0 min read
  • Midterm this Monday! See Ed for details.
  • Project 3 will be released after the exam.

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This Week in CS10

Aug 2
Lecture History of Cryptography
Assignment Final Project due Friday, August 6th
Aug 3
Lab Snap! and Python Libraries
Discussion Final Exam Review
Aug 4
Lecture Guest Lecture IV
Aug 5
Lab Final Project Work Session
Discussion Final Review
Aug 6
Lecture Limits of Computing

Meet our course mascot, Alonzo! Alonzo’s head is in the shape of the Greek letter lambda. By the end of the summer, you will know why.