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CS 10: The Beauty and Joy of Computing

UC Berkeley, Fall 2021

A gentle but thorough introduction to computer science.

Instructor: Josh Hug

Week 10 Survey Lecture Zoom

Week 10 Announcements

Oct 25 · 1 min read

: This spreadsheet contains the zoom links for lecture and remote discussion sections.

  • If you have not submitted your midterm fractal to Gradescope, you can turn it in by 11:59pm on Monday 10/25 for a small grade penalty. Many students were not able to find the instructions, and we want to give a chance for your work to be evaluated.
  • If you did not turn in a recording for either part of your midterm, you can turn them in using this same form (link on Ed) by 11:59pm on Monday 10/25 for a small grade penalty.
  • We’ll be sending out a post-midterm grade report later this week, which will include your midterm grades.
  • Project 5 is released Monday 10/25 evening and due 11/05
  • Final Project Proposal spec is released on 10/27 (proposal due Thu 11/04)
  • Final Project Technical spec released Friday 10/29
  • Friday 10/29 is the deadline to change your grading from letter grade to P/NP and vice versa.
  • Week 10 Reading Quiz due Friday by 11:59pm

Previous Announcements

This Week in CS10 10/25-10/31

Mon — Python: Built-in Types, Data Structures slides | recording
Wed — Python III: OOP in Python
Mon/Tues — Data Structures in Python
Wed/Thurs — OOP in Python
Fri — List Comprehensions and Dictionaries
Mon — Proj5 released
Wed — Final Project Proposal released
Why Python is a Great First Language

Meet our course mascot, Alonzo! Alonzo’s head is in the shape of the Greek letter lambda. By the end of the semester, you will know why.