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CS 10: The Beauty and Joy of Computing

UC Berkeley, Summer 2022

A gentle but thorough introduction to computer science.

Instructors: Deeksha Kumar and Madeleine LaBute

Week 1 Announcement

Jun 19 · 0 min read

Welcome to CS10 Summer 2022!

  • Welcome Post
  • Lab and discussion section signups come out Monday (6/20) at 1pm PST. You can find the available times on the Daily Schedule tab to the left.
  • Class begins this Tuesday (6/21)
  • We will be holding lab and lecture the first day, so show up to the sections you sign up for!
  • HW0 is released and will be due this Thursday 6/23 at 11:59pm
alonzo, the CS10 Mascot
Previous Announcemnts

CS10 Calendar

1Mon 6/20No ClassNo ClassNo Classrelease HW 0: Introduce Yourself and Syllabus Quiz (due Thurs 6/23)
Tue 6/211. Welcome + Abstraction (recording) (slides)1. Welcome to Snap!
Wed 6/222. Functions + Build your own Blocks (recording) (slides)2. Build Your Own Blocks1. Booleans, Conditionals, Domain/Range
HW 1: Wordmatch due(6/27)
HW 1 Specs
Thur 6/233. Lists, HOFs, Scoping + Mutability (recording) (slides)3. Conditionals, Reporters, TestingHW 0: Introduce Yourself and Syllabus Quiz due
Fri 6/24
2Mon 6/274. Algorithms4. Lists + HOFs2. Lists, Iteration, HOFs
HW1: Wordmatch due
Tue 6/285. Algorithmic Complexity5. Algorithmsrelease HW2: Mastermind (due 7/3)
Wed 6/296. Best Practices + Testing6. Algorithmic Complexity3. Algorithms + Algorithmic Complexity
Thur 6/307. Recursion I: Intro + Basics7. Testing + HW3
Fri 7/1
3Mon 7/4NO CLASSrelease HW3: 2048 (due 7/13)
Tue 7/58. Recursion II: Tree Recursion8. Recursive Reporters
Wed 7/6Recursion: Fractals9. Trees and Fractals4. Recursion I
Thur 7/710. Programming Paradigms10. HOFs + Functions as Data
Fri 7/8
4Mon 7/11NO LECTUREIn-Lab MidtermPaper Midterm 6-8pm PST
Tue 7/1211. Social ImplicationsNO LAB
Wed 7/1312. Python I: Intro11. Boards5. Intro to PythonHW3: 2048 due
Thur 7/1413. Python II: Data Structures12. Welcome to Python!release HW4: Snap to Python Translation
Fri 7/15
5Mon 7/1814. Guest Lecture13. Data Structures in Python6. Python Data Structures
Tue 7/1915. Python III: OOPHW4: Snap to Python Translation due
Wed 7/209. Testing & 2048(recording)8: Boards (Optional)(due 2/23)HW2 due
Thur 2/17
Fri 2/18
6Mon 2/21
Tue 2/22
Wed 2/23
Thur 2/24
Fri 2/25
7Mon 2/2811. Social Implications of Computing II - Global Impact of Computing (Notes) | (Slides) | (Recording)10: Recursive Reporters (due 3/07)
Tue 3/0110: Recursive Reporters (due 3/08)
Wed 3/0212. Recursion II (Count Change) (slides) | (Recording)Proj 1 Work SessionPROJ 1 due
Thur 3/03Proj 1 Work Session
Fri 3/047. Recursion II (solution)release Proj 2: Explore Post (due 3/16)
8Mon 3/0713. Procedures as Data - Higher Order Procedures(Recording) | (Slides)11: Functions as Data, HOFs (due 3/16)
Tue 3/0811: Functions as Data, HOFs (due 3/17)
Wed 3/0914. Programming Paradigms(recording) | (slides)Midterm Work Session
Thur 3/10Midterm Work Session
Fri 3/11Midterm Review(solutions)Midterm Review Session