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Teaching Professor Dan Garcia


Office Hours: W 1400-1500hrs in SODA-777

I’m just so delighted to be teaching the course again! I co-invented BJC in 2008 with my good friend and colleague Brian Harvey, and absolutely love teaching it. I’m passionate about bringing engaging and powerful CS “big ideas” to students who normally wouldn’t be exposed to it. I am humbled by all the national attention BJC has received (see the “in the News” part of my website) and hope you find this class beautiful and joyful! When I’m not working, you can find me traveling, playing golf or board games (e.g., Monopoly Deal), or binging shows (anything Pixar or Marvel) with my family. p.s. My wife and I both went to Cal for grad school… Go Bears!

Head UCS-2 (Head Teaching Assistant)

Vedansh Malhotra


Office Hours: Tr 1700-1750hrs in SDH-200

Hey there! I’m a senior studying Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Data Science. This is my eighth term teaching at Cal (I’ve taught in EECS & Cognitive Science), and I’ve been a Discussion-AI / TA / Head-TA / Summer-Instructor for CS10.

This Spring, I’ll serve as an U/G advisory-board member for Berkeley’s College of Computing, Data Science, and Society and on the innaugural Police Accountability Board, continue developing curriculum for upper-division Data-Science courses, and try to learn Chinese (你好!) If any of that sounds interesting, I’m happy to chat about it in Office Hours!

My primary goal this term is to help you discover and come to appreciate the remarkable beauty of problem-solving, for which, Computer-Science is an indispensable tool!

PS: Here’s how my name is pronounced: veið’ãnʃ

UCS-2 (Teaching Assistant)

Victoria Phelps (she/they)


Hello Everyone! I’m a junior studying CS and this is my third year working with CS10. Currently, I work as an intern at a software company, SAP. I’m also a part of Dan Garcia’s research groups, GamesCrafters and CS Education. When I first took the course, I had no programming experience. I fell in love with it and became a BJC and Snap! evangelist. As a non-traditional student coming back to school after a gap-four years, I believe anyone can learn CS, and CS is a field for everyone - no matter your age, skill level, or past performance. If I can impart any advice, it is don’t be afraid to fail, and just because you don’t know something now, does not mean you won’t know it soon!

UCS-1s (Tutors)

Amy Castillo


Hi, I’m Amy (she/her)! I’m a senior majoring in Data Science. I had little to no CS experience prior to CS10. This class became one of my favorite classes that I’ve taken here at Berkeley. I’ve been an AI for 4 semesters and a Tutor for 2 semesters now! On my free time I love watching horror movies, listening to music, or taking nature walks. I’m super excited to help you all out this semester!

Dream Lopez


Hello everyone!! I’m a third year majoring in Data Science and Public Health. I took CS10 my first semester at Berkeley and it really helped my build confidence in my coding abilities! In my free time I love to read, hike, watch movies, find cute coffee shops, and bake. I look forward to meeting everyone and help you fall in love with CS ❤️

Harry Qian


Hi! I am a sophomore majoring in Physics and a minor in EECS; this is my second time tutoring CS 10, and I am very excited to meet you all. I’m from Rome, Italy, so if you have any questions about Italy, stop by and ask! I joined the class with ZERO experience in coding, and I left the class with enough skills to start my CS journey here at Cal. I hope to support you throughout the course!

Raka Litanto


Hello! I’m Raka, a junior majoring in CS. I have been an AI and a reader before, and this is my second time being a UCS-1 for CS 10. Before coming into Berkeley, I had never coded before, but taking CS 10 opened my eyes to the wonderful world of Computer Science and really helped me for my future classes. I hope all of you can enjoy CS 10 as much as I did!

Wen Cao


Hi everyone! I’m Wen and I’m a sophomore interested in Applied Math, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering. I’m a food lover and a big fan of ketchup. Can’t wait to see you all this semester:))))

Marius Castro


Yo! My name is Marius and I’m a junior majoring in Applied Math and Computer Science. I took CS10 Spring 2022 and have been involved with the course on staff ever since. I’m pumped to see what this summer has for all of us! I came into Berkeley with no coding experience and I remember how my roommates (who were in 61A/B at the time) screens used to look like giberish while they did hw. I had no idea what CS was so I decided just to try it out by taking CS10. The class quickly became my favorite I’ve taken so far at Berkeley as it opened up the world of programming to me in a very beginner-friendly way. I hope to lend other students a hand in finding their way into Computer Science as a whole and maybe even find a passion like I did :)

Sofia Bourche


Hey everyone! I’m a senior studying Computer Science from San Diego, CA. I’ve been an AI for CS10 for 5 semesters and have served as a Tutor as well. I discovered my love for programming as a student in CS10, and I hope you will too! In my free time, I enjoy dance, baking, surfing, traveling and teaching!

Stacey Yoo


Hi! I’m Stacey, a third year bioengineering major from Los Angeles. I’ve been part of the CS10 team since F22. As a tutor, I hope to support and engage all students to confidently dive into the world of CompSci here at Berkeley! Excited to meet you all :D

Academic Interns

Alexis Diaz Moreno


I help you when code go brr.

Chrystopher Thomas


Hello everyone! This is my first year here at Cal after transferring. I’m currently pursuing cognitive science and computer science. This is my first time AI-ing, but I’d love to help everyone do their very best! In my free time, I love playing video games (currently obsessed with Poppy Playtime and FNAF Security Breach), and playing with my cat Billie-Jean. I hope you all have a wonderful time in CS10; it’s a great class!

Daniel Christensen


Hi! I’m a sophmore studying Chemistry and intending to also declare data science. This is my first time teaching in CS-10. As someone who started out with zero programming experience, I understand gaining a footing in computer science can be difficult. My primary goal this semester is to guide other students in their introduction to computer science while also pushing them to achieve their goals! You’re capable of more than you know. :)

Elise Vambenepe


Hello! I’m a current freshman studying IEOR (Industrial Engineering & Operations Research) and this is my first time being on the CS-10 staff! I took CS-10 last semester and look forward to using this first-hand experience to help out fellow students.

Ethan Gale


Hi! My name is Ethan, and I am a first year EECS major from Los Angeles. Taking CS-10 during my first semester at Berkeley was one of the best decisons I ever made. It truly opened my eyes to the Beauty and Joy of Computing! I am excited to to meet you all! Feel free to reach out to me for anything. Cheers!

Hannah Chung


Hello! I am a first year and I’m super excited to be part of the CS10 course staff!

Mia Salinas


Hello! :) My name is Mia. I’m a freshman studying Media Studies and CS and this is my first time teaching CS-10. This class was my first CS taken at Berkeley and I loved it! I hope everyone also gets to love this course as much as I do and I’m here to help with anything! Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Nahee Jeong


Hi everyone! I’m Nahee, a freshman intending to study CS. I’m super excited to be an AI for CS10 - a course that turned my life around! BJC opened up an exciting world of computing for me, sparking my first true passion. I hope this course will inspire you as much as it did me. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Philip Ngo


Hi!! I am a freshman from Long Beach, CA (562 rep!) studying Data Science and Linguistics. I came to Berkeley with no coding experience and took CS10 my first semester and loved it. Some of my hobbies/interests are music (frequent UCBSO enjoyer), scrolling on Twitter, and an avid board game enthusiast. I hope you enjoy this class and I look forward to meeting you all! :D

Sam Wang


Hi! I’m a freshman studying CS and data science, and this is my first time teaching CS 10. My goals this semester are to become a better teacher, help out fellow students, and gain a deeper understanding of CS through teaching it.

Sara Jangid


Hey everyone, I’m Sara, a freshman excited about applied math and computer science. This is my first time being an AI for this class. When I took CS10, I didn’t know anything about coding, but the class really helped me understand the big ideas in computer science. I’m here to help you all out on this awesome journey!

Shayor Khan


Hello friends. I’m a freshman currently majoring in Economics and intending to major in Computer Science as well. In my free time I like to eat out at different places with friends so feel free to ask for food recommedations. I did CS10 last semester and it was the most fun I ever had with a class, so I’m ecstatic to have this opportunity to accompany you all in your CS10 jounreys :>

Adrian Morales


Hey everyone! I’m a first-year student studying CS with a minor in Data Science. CS10 has been such an amazing class coming into Berkeley for the very first time. My goal for this semester is to help those students who may not necessarily fully comprehend problems and push them to discover a passion for problem-solving and programming with Snap! and Python.

Eileen Hwang


Hey there! :) I’m a freshman studying CS and Business, and this is my first time teaching CS-10. As someone who started out with no programming experience, I believe that CS at Berkeley can be a challenging, yet immensely rewarding experience. My primary goal this semester is to help students discover and come to appreciate the remarkable beauty of problem solving- for which, Computer Science is an indispensable tool!

Emma Feth


Hello! I am a second semester freshman! I took CS10 in Fall 2023, and this is my first time as an AI! Coming in with minimal knowledge only gained from APCSP, CS10 was able to support me to go on with the CS series! I am an intended CS Major with a potential double in Data Science, emphasis in biology. I hope to help in any way I can and we can learn together. ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა

Hwanhee Kim

Hey there! :) I’m a rising sophomore intending CS, and this is my first time teaching CS-10. I really appreciate that CS 10 helped me to step into the field of computer science as I did not have programming experience before. I hope you enjoy it, too!

Sarah Wan


Hey! :) Here is Sarah and I’m currently a freshman who really interested in CS, Stat, and Desgin. This is my first time join the CS10 teaching team. Having experienced Dan’s teaching style, I’ve grown to deeply appreciate the CS10 community—I genuinely hope you will too! I frequently participate in hackathons in my spare time, which not only hones my skills but also ignites my interest in various fields like edtech, arvrxr, and aiml. Through CS10, I look forward to exploring the endless possibilities of computer science with you. Let’s grow together in this brilliant class, discovering the joy and beauty of problem-solving along the way!