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This page will be updated with discussion worksheets and solutions throughout the semester. NOTE: The asynchronous discussion link will take you to video walkthroughs of discussion problems. However, they are from a previous semester so they will not always be the correct problems.

Discussion 1 Welcome to Snap! Scavenger HuntworksheetsolutionsAsynchronous discussion
Discussion 2 Number Representation, Booleans, and ConditionsworksheetsolutionsAsynchronous discussion
Discussion 3 Domain and Range, HOFs, Scopingworksheetsolutionssection recordingwalkthrough videoscontent guide
Discussion 5 Algorithmic Complexityworksheetsolutions[section recording]walkthrough videos
Discussion 6 Intro to Recursionworksheetsolutions[section recording]walkthrough videos
Discussion 9 Intro to Pythonworksheetsolutionssection recording
Discussion 10 Python Data Structuresworksheetsolutionssection recordingwalkthrough videos
Discussion 11 OOPworksheetsolutionssection recording[walkthrough videos]
Discussion 12 Python HOFs, Lambdas, Tree Recursionworksheetsolutions[section recording]walkthrough videos
Discussion 13 Python HOFs, Lambdas, Tree Recursionworksheetsolutionssection recordingwalkthrough videos