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Lab Check-Off Questions


All lab check-off deadlines are at 11:59PM. (However, you need to get checked off by a TA or lab assistant, so you last chance to get checked off is during lab or office hours.)

To get checked off, you should prepare answers to all of these questions for each lab, though you will only be asked about the 2 or 3 questions which are marked as required. You shouldn’t feel compelled to memorize every single detail of lab. The goal here to make sure you’re on track with CS10 and you should be comfortable with the higher level concepts for each question. For each lab the first questions are the biggest ideas, and the later questions are for your own benefit and review.

Lab 1: Welcome to snap

No questions for this lab!

Lab 2: Build Your Own Blocks

Due: 02/04/15

Lab 3: Conditionals

Due: 02/06/15

Lab 4: Functions

Due: 02/11/15

Lab 5: Lists

Due: 02/13/15

Lab 6: Algorithms

Due: 02/18/15

Lab 7: Algorithmic Complexity

Due: 02/20/15

Lab 8: Finch Robots [Extra Credit Checkoff]

Due: 02/20/15 (not the usual one-week delay)

Lab 9: Concurrency

Due: 03/04/15

Lab 10: Recursion With Trees and Fractals

Due: 03/06/15

Lab 11: Recursive Reporters

Due: 03/11/15

Lab 12: Tic-Tac-Toe

Due: 03/18/15

Lab 13: The Internet

Due: 04/08/15

Required Questions

  1. Of the shell commands traceroute, whois, and telnet, explain and demonstrate one of them. Why is the information they return useful?
  2. What is the difference between latency and throughput? What shell command can you use to measure latency?
  3. What is an information footprint, and what steps can you take to lessen your footprint in the future?

Self-Check Questions

Lab 14: Lambdas and HOFs

Due: 04/10/15

Required Questions

  1. How can we use functions as data in Snap? What do the “call” and “run” blocks do, and what’s the difference between them?
  2. Demonstrate your list all factorions between __ and __ block.
  3. Demonstrate your is __ pandigital? block.

Self-Check Questions

  1. How does the compose block work?

Lab 15: Besides Blocks: Welcome to Python!

Due: 04/15/15

Required Questions

  1. What is the difference between the syntax of one equals sign (=) vs. a double equals sign (==) in Python?
  2. What is 0-indexing, and why is it relevant to string manipulation in Python? Show how to create a substring from a string.
  3. Run the “python run_tests” command to check that all the exercises work.

Self-Check Questions

Lab 16: Besides Blocks: Data Structures in Python

Due: 04/22/15

Required Questions

  1. Show that your file passes the tests for all 6 exercises.
  2. What are the similarities and differences between lists and dictionaries? What are ‘keys’ and ‘values’ and how do they compare to numerical indices in lists?
  3. How can you easily iterate through the items of a list? What about a dictionary?

Self-Check Questions

Lab 17: Besides Blocks: Data in Python

Due: 04/24/15

Required Questions

  1. What is a corpus and how can it be useful? What is a good place to start analyzing a large set of data like a corpus?
  2. What techniques are there to clean data and why is cleaning data important? Why is it expensive?