Lab Solutions

In some of the solutions below, the stage may be empty. In these cases, you will be able to find the solutions by locating the proper block in the tabs on the left and viewing its definition.

Lab 02: Loops and Variables
Experiment With Repeat (Solution)
Change Tempo (Solution)
Variable Tutorial (Solution)
Variable-Sized Shapes (Solution)
Countdown (Solution)
Draw a Squiral (Solution)

Lab 03: Random, If and Input
Random Character (Solution)
Number-Guessing Game v2.0 (Solution)
Rock, Paper, Scissors: Script (Solution)

Lab 04: BYOB
Make a draw shape Block (Solution)
Composition of Functions (Solution)
Predicates: Make a between block (Solution)

Lab 05: Lists I
Read a List of Names (Solution)
Process a List (Solution)
Practice with Index Variables (Solution)
Remove List Elements (Solution)
Remove List Elements: Take Two (Solution)
Range of List Elements (Solution)
Processing a Sentence (Solution)
Swap List Values (Solution)
Check if a List is Sorted (Solution)

Lab 06: Algorithms
Algorithms in BYOB (Solution)

Lab 07: Lists II (Solution)

Lab 08: Algorithm Complexity (Solution)

Lab 10: Recursion I
Recursive Tree Part 2 (Solution)
Random Tree (Solution)
Snowflake (Solution)
C-Curve (Solution)

Lab 12: Recursion II
Numbers in a Range (Solution)
Squiral (Solution)
Add the Digits in a Number (Solution)

Lab 14: Recursion III
Practice: Aibohphobia (Solution)
Practice: Lists (Solution)
Flood Fill (Solution)
A Prime Opportunity (Solution)

Lab 15: Applications that Changed the World
Practice: Working with Hash Tables (Solution)
Searching in BYOB (Solution)

Lab 18: Lambda and HOFs, I
Using Map (Solution)
Transforming the Beatles (Solution)
Exaggerating your Sentences (Solution)
Using Keep (Solution)
Count "ums" (Solution)
Choose Beatles (Solution)
Calculate your GPA (Solution)
Letter Count (Solution)
Using Cascade (Solution)
Finding a Subword (Solution)

Lab 19: Lambda and HOFs, II
Tic-Tac-Toe (Solution)

Lab 20: Distributed Computing
Map Reduce (Solution)